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Our programs cater to every age group of the community

Our programme is developed to allow greater choices for Muslims adult to receive Islamic learning. Hence, providing more opportunities for closer interaction and engagement with the asatizah.

Our Children, The Life Long Learner

An-Nur Mosque run a Kindergarten program which provides early positive experience that is key to life long advantage. We aim to provide positive learning experiences by fostering and promoting learning opportunities through fun and interactive activities. Built upon the foundation core values of respect and courteous, integrity, independence and confidence.


The objective is to ensure students are able to recognise the hijaiyah letters , read with tajweed and improve on recitation skills. Students are taught to correctly pronounce Quranic letters with its correct pronunciations (Makhraj). Inculcating Quranic literacy within our Muslim community, the program caters to the needs of young children and young adults.


When Mr Haji Abu Bakar Hashim took the helm of the 3rd Chairman of An-Nur Mosque, he saw this vibrant kampong spirit within the concrete flats among the Malay/Muslims as a way to bring the whole Malay/Muslim community of Woodlands New Town together while centering the An-Nur Mosque as its heart. He first invited all the leaders of the Block Committees and suggested that a new way of “Kampong Block of Flats” to be formed. And thus in 1986, the Qaryah System was established. Qaryah simply means “neighbourhood”. The Block Committee leaders accepted this proposal with much rejoicing and saw it as a way each and every “Kampong Block of Flats” could perpetuate the kampong spirit even if living within concrete walls.

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